Company Visits #13 & #14- Murr & Melrakkasetur

The students took a trip out to Suðavík to visit Murr of Iceland, Melrakkasetur, the Arctic Fox Center, and the Avalanche Memorial.

Murr is a pet food company established in 2008, and uses Icelandic meat and byproducts to produce both dog and cat food. During our visit, the food bags were in the process of being heated under extreme heat and pressure in order to eliminate any possibility of contamination. Additionally, there were various raw-hides being dried, such as pig ears to produce chewing toys for dogs. The company works under stricht regulations and fulfills requirements of both European Union as well as FDA in the US. Traceability is a key factor and they are able to trace back any product directly to the supplier, and even, the individual animal the product originated from. Thank-you for accommodating us and for the samples shared with those of us who have furry friends back home!

We then visited Melrakkasetur, the Arctic Fox Center. The Center was established in September 2007 but opened in June 2010, and is the only Arctic Fox Research and Exhibition Center in the world. The exhibition focus on the biological and historical aspects of the Arctic Fox in Iceland, including interactions with hunting and farming. Additionally, the Center focuses on research collaboration with institutions and participates in the development of wildlife and eco-tourism in the area. The Center has a cafe and a room upstairs in which they often host fundraiser events. For more information on the Center, please check out their website. Thanks Ester for taking the time to accomodate our group!

Lastly, we visited the Suðavík Avalanche Memorial, which was erected in memory of the 14 residents who lost their lives after a destructive avalanche, January 16, 1995. This event has particular significance of course for the town, but also for the students, who have had the chance to discuss avalanche risk assessment in terms of Environmental Impact Assessments through their course work and research regarding coastal planning and developments. (chelsea boaler)

Company Visits #11 & #12- Longline Baiters & 3X Technology

The Fishing Technology students visited both the longline baiters and 3X Technology.

The baiters are responsible for baiting and re-baiting longlines, where one bucket contains 500 hooks, spaced about one metre apart. It takes the baiters about an hour a bucket, and so they are able to get through quite a lot of line in an eight-hour day! The types of bait being used are saury, squid, sandeel, and mackerel, and are imported, often from Asia. After the lines are baited, they are placed in the freezer, awaiting transport to the boats. Right now, they service one boat, the Kristin-IS, owned by Sjávareldi Ehf, and Saevar is the one responsible for the baiting. In winter months, there are two boats being serviced, with both Gummi and Saevar baiting.

3X Technology is a food-systems equipment and technology producer, based here in Ísafjörður, and was founded by three locals in 1994. The company has grown rapidly, and now services international markets. 3X is responsible for the both the design and production of all their products. They service the aquaculture and fishing processing industries; in fact, all the processing equipment we saw during our Kampi company visit was from 3X! A special thanks to Karl Ásgeirsson for showing us around the entire factory.

Thank-you to our instructor, Einar Hreinsson, for organizing these outings! (chelsea boaler/jennifer smith)

Harlem Shake Video – Ísafjörðurbær

Saturday, the CMM students invited Ísafjörðurbær to join them in their very own Harlem Shake video. Students, residents, children, and pets came dressed in outrageous outfits and danced their hearts out!

A special thanks to Arnar Kristjásson for allowing us to use his boat, all those involved in filming, editing, and documenting, and of course those participating in the video.

Check out the video and photos below. VOTE for our video by clicking “KJÓSA” for the Aegir Student Association video. Enjoy! (chelsea boaler)

Company Visit #10: Jón Vídalín, Vestmannaeyjar

The Fishing Technology students visited the research trawler, Jón Vídalín. The Icelandic Marine Institute, Hafro, completes annual stock surveys for the North-Western part of the island, with a total of 138 various trawl sites, both in- and off-shore. The vessel is leased for two to three weeks completing the surveys, though sometimes weather conditions do not permit for speedy sets.

The catch is released into the hold and down the belts to the processing area. Here, the fish are measured, weighed, and processed. All of the information in the bridge is computerized, and the captain uses equipement such as plotters and radar to monitor the set. The students were also brought down to the engine room, and toured the crew’s living quarters to get a sense of life onboard. Thanks to our instructor, Einar Hreinsson, for showing us around the vessel! (chelsea boaler)

Company Visit #9: Ísafjörður Net Loft

Tuesday March 5, the Fishing Technology students visited the Net Loft here in Ísafjörður. The Net Loft receives net sections from main producers, and then connects the sections based on clients specifications and national regulations. The Net loft produces both seines and trawls. They service three home trawlers all year long, with an additional seven to 10 shrimp trawlers throughout the year, as well as some Danish seine boats. They are also responsible for some of the local aquaculture gear.

The workers were excited to show us around, and demonstrated all kinds of rope-working techniques, such as splicing. Very interesting to see such a historical practice still being carried-out by hand, directly in the fishing community. Thanks very much to Magni Ö. Guðmundsson, and the other workers for allowing us to visit! (chelsea boaler)

Harlem Shake Video – Ísafjörðurbær

SEE ICELANDIC TRANSLATION BELOW (courtesy of Albertína Friðbjörg Elíasdóttir)

The University Center’s Ægir Student Association is ready to record our very own Harlem Shake Video, and we want Ísafjörðurbær (that’s YOU and ALL YOUR FRIENDS) to join us! What’s a “Harlem Shake Video” you ask? Check out the links below to see for yourself! Dress in the silliest outfit and costume you can find and join us!

MARCH 9, 2:00PM: Ísafjörður, við Suðurtanga, the boat outside the kayak club

The Original


Nemendafélagið Ægir, nemendafélag Háskólseturs Vestfjarða ætlar að taka upp okkar eigin Harlem Shake myndband og við viljum að Ísafjarðarbær (Það ert ÞÚ og ALLIR VINIR ÞÍNIR) taki þátt! Þú spyrð kannski hvað “Harlem Shake Video” er eiginlega? Skoðaðu tenglana hérna fyrir neðan til að skilja betur hvað við er átt! Klæddu þig svo í kjánalegasta dressið þitt og komdu og taktu þátt!

9. MARS, 14:00:  Ísafjörður, við Suðurtanga

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