Company Visit #5: Fiskbúð Sjávarfangs – Local Fish Shop

As students of coastal and marine management we are, of course, very interested in gaining hands-on experience at every possible level. Hence, a visit to the local Fish-Shop has been one favorite on our agenda.

Eventually, mid-October the owner of the main local Fish-Shop “Fiskbúð Sjávarfangs“, Kári Jóhansson, invited us to take a look at the facilities as well as how fish is prepared for sales.

We were impressed by learning how today’s IT helps to instantaneously monitor fishing efforts as well as buying and selling fish within seconds over the internet. After introducing us to the main local types of fish Kári went on showing how each fish is prepared for sale. The fileting skills required for that made quite an impression on us. Perhaps one of the most interesting findings was to learn that literally every part of a fish gets used.

Takk fyrir, Kári Jóhansson! (katrin krzewina)