Thanksgiving Dinner as a start for the new Committee

The new cohort of students has settled in now after being in Isafjordur for a bit more than two month. Some of them agreed on continuing the work of Ægir, the student association, which has been carried out by last year’s students. As a first event a Dinner was offered in the University building. This was done on Monday the 21st of October, inviting all people working for the different companies in the building. Thanksgiving was chosen as a theme and so the approximately 25 guests were offered dishes like chicken, mashed potatoes and apple cake. It was a lovely evening, that gave the opportunity to get to know the new students and also the different companies situated in the building. After the dessert had been served everyone left satisfied and the Ægir members want to say their thanks again to every guest that was there. The next event is already being planned, hopefully seeing a lot of you again as well as some new faces.

Your Ægir Committee