Company Visit #10: Jón Vídalín, Vestmannaeyjar

The Fishing Technology students visited the research trawler, Jón Vídalín. The Icelandic Marine Institute, Hafro, completes annual stock surveys for the North-Western part of the island, with a total of 138 various trawl sites, both in- and off-shore. The vessel is leased for two to three weeks completing the surveys, though sometimes weather conditions do not permit for speedy sets.

The catch is released into the hold and down the belts to the processing area. Here, the fish are measured, weighed, and processed. All of the information in the bridge is computerized, and the captain uses equipement such as plotters and radar to monitor the set. The students were also brought down to the engine room, and toured the crew’s living quarters to get a sense of life onboard. Thanks to our instructor, Einar Hreinsson, for showing us around the vessel! (chelsea boaler)

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