Open House Success

The open house welcomed numerous people who had not been to the previous open house that took place three years ago, or who had hardly set foot in the building at
all. It was Many people were visibly inrtigued when visiting the various organizations. Among those who participated and had displays were the Red Cross, Teiknistofan ehf (a local land- use planning company), the Multicultural Information Center, the Innovation Center of Iceland, and Hafro (the marine research institute). Several of these organizations welcomed people into their offices for casual chatting and snacks. Hafro even had an ‘open ship’ event, where they welcomed people into one of the ships on the harbour  to see the underwater camera view of an innovative scallop harvesting technology they have recently developed and run through initial testing.

The administrators of the University Center of the Westfjords had a display containing information about the various programs offered through the center, and the international students of the Coastal and Marine Management program used their classroom to display examples of the courses that are part of the program and to answer any questions. There was also a display to showcase past and present thesis topics and one to introduce people to the Aegir Student Association, and a bake sale to support the association. Funds from the bake sale and other fundraising activities will support the association’s continued
efforts to organize community events such as this open house, International Buffets, and the weekly cultural exchange nights, as well as weekend trip to Hornstrandir in the summer for the students to be able to celebrate the end of their classes by enjoying the beautiful local wilderness. (rana campbell)

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