International Buffet – Alþjóðlegt hlaðborð

This past Saturday, November 10th 2012, the students hosted an international dinner night: food and music from all over the globe, representing the 12 nations from which the 2012/13 CMM students come. The event was held at Kaffi Ísol and was a huge success thanks to the support of owner Auður Ósk Aradóttir, translation services from Albertína Friðbjörg Elíasdóttir (University Writing Center), and seafood donations from Fiskbúð Sjávarfangs. This event provided the opportunity for CMM students to not only work and organize amongst themselves, but also to become immersed in the local community, sharing our stories and interests as students in Ísafjörður. I was completely overwhelmed with everyone’s hard work and generosity; students and locals alike! The positive outcomes of this event have provided us with opportunities to host future community events; so, stay tuned!

Meanwhile,  check out BB’s coverage on the event! My rough English translation…
A crowd at international buffet: Students who study at the University Center cooked food from their home countries last Saturday and invited the townspeople to feast at Kaffi Ísol. Residents crowded the buffet and were very well received, as chefs work to make the evening a success. The hall was decorated with flags and maps and options were extremely varied, colorful, and delicious.” (chelsea boaler)

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