Company Visit #9: Ísafjörður Net Loft

Tuesday March 5, the Fishing Technology students visited the Net Loft here in Ísafjörður. The Net Loft receives net sections from main producers, and then connects the sections based on clients specifications and national regulations. The Net loft produces both seines and trawls. They service three home trawlers all year long, with an additional seven to 10 shrimp trawlers throughout the year, as well as some Danish seine boats. They are also responsible for some of the local aquaculture gear.

The workers were excited to show us around, and demonstrated all kinds of rope-working techniques, such as splicing. Very interesting to see such a historical practice still being carried-out by hand, directly in the fishing community. Thanks very much to Magni Ö. Guðmundsson, and the other workers for allowing us to visit! (chelsea boaler)

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